Medication reminder systems, from plastic box to everyday assistive companion

[by Serge Grisard] In this edition of our blog, we will be reviewing the broad range of variations in the medication reminder solution world, from the most simple to the most assistive. Non-adherence to prescriptions may have multiple sources: inadequate instructions, declining memory, busy schedule, or even a combination of the above. All can have […]

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MedGUIDE work in progress: users’ feedback

[by Sotia Nicolaou] MedGUIDE pays significant attention to the collection of feedback from all people involved in a case of dementia: older people with memory problems or mild/moderate dementia (primary group), informal caregivers and nurses (secondary group), and doctors and pharmacists (tertiary group). Each group provides their own perspective and needs for the MedGUIDE system; […]

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Insights on MedGUIDE big data analytics for daily life activities assessment

MedGUIDE uses big data analytics to analyze the heterogeneous and distributed streams of monitored data regarding patients with dementia, to establish the baseline of daily life activities and to detect deviations. These deviations represent changes, either sudden or gradual, which may signal progression of symptoms, wellbeing decline or side effects of medication. Dr. Tudor Ciaora, […]

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MedGuide Work-in-progress: Concept development phase
Photo of wireframes

Many IT applications have been developed to support people with dementia and their family and formal caregivers. Unfortunately, many IT applications are not used by them because they do not match their needs and capacities. Therefore, in our study, involving network members and inclusion of people with dementia in the development and design process are […]

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Three days of sharing knowledge about Active and Assisted Living in beautiful Coimbra
AAL User Journey workshop participants are working on their user journeys

In the first week of October the annual AAL (Active and Assisted Living) Forum took place in the historical city of Coimbra, the former capital of Portugal. The MedGUIDE project was represented by ConnectedCare and Technical University Cluj. The aim was to gain and share knowledge about creating digital solutions that support active ageing. The […]

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MedGUIDE User Research and Requirements post-summer update
User research senior

End-user involvement is central in the MedGUIDE project. From the start of the project, our researchers have been talking to seniors, family members, professional caregivers and medical doctors. Their input helps us better understand the real problems, validate design ideas and iteratively improve the prototypes. The team is now in the process of defining the […]

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User research and requirements update

In June 2017, the MedGUIDE team attended the second plenary meeting in sunny Oslo. The project partners discussed the findings from user research, and explored design directions for the MedGUIDE platform. The team is working hard on user research in Cyprus, Norway and The Netherlands. Through interviews with patients with dementia, their family caregivers and […]

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MedGUIDE Kick-off meeting Arnhem

Start date: February 1, 2017 / End date: July 31, 2019 The MedGUIDE kick-off meeting took place in Arnhem in February 2017. All project partners were present, and discussed and aligned the project activities. In the first phase of the project, the focus will be on user research, requirements definition and concept development. The MedGUIDE […]

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