[By Els Dik, Aug, 29]

We approach an important moment in the MedGUIDE project. For the first time, we will test the freshly designed MedGUIDE prototype at the home of the senior. The senior receives a little touch screen with MedGUIDE on it and the researcher will install the connected MedGUIDE-sensors in the rooms. Around the senior a group of people is involved: the informal caregiver, the home care nurse, the GP and the pharmacist. These caregivers will receive the MedGUIDE app on their own tablet or laptop on which they work daily.

In the first week of the trial, the sensor data that the sensors generate will be analysed. This way  a baseline can be set. It will be interesting to see if the tool will be able to note any deviation from this baseline in the second week. Does the senior sleep as well as during the first week? Does he or she take the medication on time? Will the system be able to register all this information?

Also in the first week, the senior will perform some small tasks, like filling in a 'self-report' on mood or physical discomfort. The home care nurse involved will ask the senior via MedGUIDE how he or she is feeling. This way, MedGUIDE will support the nurse to 'keep an eye' on the senior.

In the second week, the senior will work with MedGUIDE in his or her own way. It will be interesting to see if the seniors and the caregivers are able to work with MedGUIDE, and if they like to work with it. The researcher will interview the senior and the caregiver halfway and at the end of the field trial period. Attention will be paid to the suitability, usability and appropriateness of the MedGUIDE tool.

After the two-week field trial, the GP and the pharmacist will be asked to look at the data generated. Can these data support the GP and pharmacist to draw conclusions about the medical wellbeing of the senior? Also the polypharmacy management tool will be presented to the GP and pharmacist.

The two-week field trial at the home of the senior is preceded by a test in a 'controlled environment'. During one hour, seniors will work with MedGUIDE and perform certain tasks. This way the researchers can already see if the basics of the app are working. Sensors will not yet be used in this controlled trial. If necessary, adjustments can be made before starting the field trial at home.

This way, seniors and caregivers in Norway, Cyprus and the Netherlands will all contribute to making the best MedGUIDE app possible.

In a few months we hope to give you an update of the results of this field trial. Keep following this blog!