MedGUIDE E-learning on its way

[By Riitta Hellmann January 2019]

During the autumn 2018 the MedGUIDE project’s personnel has been working with the creation of an e-learning resource for people with dementia and their caregivers.

This caregivers’ resource will provide a wide variety of dementia-related information for both formal and informal caregivers. An important part of the resource will the coverage of polypharmacy-related topics. The audiences will vary from country to country, being everything from family caregivers to professional dementia care personnel. Therefore, each native part of the resource will take this diversity into consideration. The resource will be multilingual, covering Dutch, Greek and Norwegian, as well as English as a common international alternative. People with dementia will have a simple dementia knowledge part integrated into their MedGUIDE-app. Both the end users and their caregivers in the three countries will use and evaluate these resources in the field trials, beginning in January 2019.