MedGUIDE recruitment for the pilot

[By Martijn Vastenburg December 2018]

 The preparations for the field trial are in full swing. The devices and sensors are ready to be shipped to the three pilot countries, and the software is being finalized and tested. The field trials in Norway, Cyprus and The Netherlands are expected to start early January 2019.

 The sensors will be used to monitor the senior’s behavior in a non-intrusive way, and to provide the professional caregivers with a better understanding of how medication affects daily patterns. For example, a bed sensor will be used to monitor sleeping patterns, and sensors in the kitchen will be used to monitor eating patterns.

 In developing the MedGUIDE prototype, an iterative process of designing, developing and evaluating is used. User feedback on early designs and on early prototypes is used to improve the product, resulting in a prototype that properly addresses the needs and preferences of our target users. The field trial will be the first opportunity to evaluate the prototype in the homes of our end users. This is an important milestone, and the team is working hard to make the field trial a success. Stay tuned for more updates about the MedGUIDE project!