In June 2017, the MedGUIDE team attended the second plenary meeting in sunny Oslo. The project partners discussed the findings from user research, and explored design directions for the MedGUIDE platform.

The team is working hard on user research in Cyprus, Norway and The Netherlands. Through interviews with patients with dementia, their family caregivers and their formal caregivers, we want to better understand how we can support them in polypharmacy management.

In the interviews, seniors have told us how they have created personal strategies to deal with their dementia in their daily lives. Due to the dementia they do however sometimes feel confused and frustrated. Family caregivers have indicated they often find it hard to provide the senior with dementia with the right support, and to keep a positive attitude. Professional caregivers indicate they would like to better understand the situation of their patients, but they need to prevent information overload. The MedGUIDE team uses the input from the user research to define the user requirements, in order to build a platform that truly helps people with dementia in their polypharmacy management.

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