MedGUIDE second field trials - first set-up

[September - by Sotia Nicalaou from Materia Group]

MedGUIDE project currently runs the 2nd and final field trial through which it is aimed to assess whether primary, secondary and tertiary users can integrate the MedGUIDE system into their daily life and routine and whether the system better support the caregivers and professionals in the care process. Therefore, the duration of the final field trial is approximately 3 months (from September until beginning of December 2019) and it will be deployed in real environment, hence in participants’ houses.

Following the signing of the informed consent from the participants willing to use and assess the MedGUIDE system, the end-user partners in Cyprus (MATERIA), the Netherlands (IVM and HU-UAS), and Norway (KARDE) proceeded in installing the sensors to their houses. The prototype 2 of the MedGUIDE system includes the same sensors as in the prototype 1 which are the following:

  1. Base unit: captures all the data from the sensors to send it to MedGUIDE app
  2. Bed sensor: captures the hours of sleep and the continuity of sleep
  3. Fridge sensor and motion sensor in kitchen: indicate how many times the fridge opened which is an indication of whether the primary user prepared food and whether the primary user is in the kitchen which is an indication of preparing food.
  4. Entrance sensor and motion sensor in entrance: captures how many times the entrance door opened/closed, which shows whether the primary user either left the house (outdoor activity) or someone visited her/him.
  5. Motion sensor in living room: shows how much time the primary user spent at home moving around
  6. Motion sensor in bathroom: indicates how often the primary user visited the toilet

A protocol on the installation process of the sensors was provided to the end-user partners as well as potential issues that may be faced and ways to solve them. Thus, the installation process was smooth since the researchers were already familiarised quite well with the sensors (from the experience gained through the 1st field trial). Moreover, the end-user organisations run 2 internal testing phases before the 2nd field trial so as to ensure a smother field testing and minimise potential bugs of the system.