MedGUIDE completed successfully and moving forward

The consortium succeeded very well in co-creating the MedGUIDE system with their end-users and in releasing an entirely working system, ready to be engineered prior to its commercialisation. As mentioned by the reviewers: "  The envisaged and expected outcomes and impact have been very well achieved in terms of end-users’ involvement in all the project phases to concretely co-create the MedGUIDE solution, technological and services implementation and delivery, IPRs, ethical aspects, exploitation and business tasks, dissemination and promotional dedicated activities.“The MedGUIDE team is please with the review results and with the project as a whole. It is also worth highlighting that MedGUIDE has liaised with seven projects at the EU level considered as significant and coherent with MedGUIDE’s main aims and addressing topics focusing on dementia and cognitive diseases to gain insight and refine their analysis of the needs on the market.

The Dutch partners of the consortium have recently started a national co-funded project with a project  focused on performing a feasibility study of the polypharmacy and self-report MedGUIDE services with a broader group of end-users at national level, and to carry out a correlated validation study in close collaboration with the largest Dutch pharmacy chain.

As the MedGUIDE project coordinator Mr. Martijn Vastenburg puts: ‘through the MedGUIDE services, the pharmacists aim to better identify what patients need extra attention, and to better adjust the personal medication plans to changing needs and circumstances. When successful, the MedGUIDE polypharmacy and self-report services can be integrated in the regular medication review process of the pharmacists.’